How Collywobbles County came to be…

This is my first shout out blog about my new endeavor…Collywobble County. I won’t restrict topics to Collywobbles, rather, I intend to use this as an opportunity to share our stories about how art has helped us heal and grow…and find our place in the world.

But, since this is the first…let me talk a little about the Collywobbles.

The Story of Collywobble County

Collywobble County is a magical place where the Collywobbles are free to live, play, and raise their baby wobbles. They hold art and frolicking in the highest regard. Of course, being wobbly, they are less inclined to take up sports activities. But, that doesn’t stop them from enjoying nature and looking for fairy doors while out on their daily wobble.

But, they are wobbly! Which causes a mild nervousness in their bellies. Thus, after many generations, they have developed marsupial like pouches that, not only hold their baby wobbles, but also tame the butterflies in their tummies.

By inviting a Collywobble into your home, you are accepting not only their fun and whimsical nature, but also their mystical and often naughty side as well. Collywobble County has many stories…as do we all!


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