Knitting for my mother

Photo rainbow jpegIMG_0358I started knitting back in Highschool for a play. I picked it up again about 25 years later. I sold some scarves and got into felted purses…no patterns yet, just making it up as I went along.

So I felted a cute black bag for my mom. Black and hot pink, her favorite colors. Judging from the curl of her lip it was too “crafty”. I went on to knit her a bouquet of flowers with a “vase” being a hand knitted cinch sack. “Crafty” yes, but it fit right in with alll her other hand stitched pictures and hand painted ceramics. However, I’m pretty sure it lived in the closet and was dragged out to be put in the farthest corner of our family room…just for when I came to town.

I knit her some sachets for her sock drawer and after the luke warm response I decided to never knit for her again.

Two years ago, after my father died, I decided to knit her a fairy (GREAT Book…”Knitted Fairies” by Fiona McDonald) I’d made a few for myself and must say “they are awesome!!!” So, knowing she’d be polite but secretly loathe my “craftsy gift” I made sure to make it out of pinks and purples…perfect match for her family room. Hm…a little dig, maybe?

Maybe she’s getting more sentimental, maybe she misses my Dad, or maybe it’s her eyesight…she’s LOVED her fairy.

She shows it to EVERYONE who enters her house. And now, I’m a fairy factory. Well, I’m not opening a sweat shop any time soon, BUT, one is on its way to Germany and another one is ont he needles for her housekeeper.

So? Was it just that my other gifts were too practical? (the bouquet could be tossed thus leaving a perfectly usable cinch sack)…or is it that none of my previous creations had fairy dust and sparkle?
Come to think of it, I just knit her a beaded bracelet that she went bonkers over…yup is was sparkly.

I guess all these years I thought she didn’t like my knitting. Apparently a few sequins and some glitter would have rocked her “crafty” world.


Photo rainbow jpegPhoto rainbow jpegIMG_0358