Retail Therapy

Forgive me knitters, prescription for it has been at least two weeks since I last blogged…

With the stress of the holidays, I decided to practice a little retail therapy…buying fancy yarn, to help kittens in need, charity and therapy in one!

Now, I’m somewhat savvy when purchasing things on-line. But, I admit, sometimes I rush the checkout in anticipation of my fiber fix…or any retail fix. Thus, missing the shipping fee. And, yes, I should know better.

A few years back I bought the “Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter”…2 for only $10.

$45 after shipping and handling. Let’s not talk about that again. (though the tomatoes were fab!)

Well, this time? I bought some fabulous tortoise shell yarn from:

“The Meow Collection” (from Ancient Arts).

The yarn was
around $25 dollars.
Pricey, but hand dyed and the money goes to help homeless kittens. It’s a win-win! So yes, and a click and its on it’s way….but wait, what did I pay for shipping????

I failed to notice the yarn was coming from Canada (my original home, btw) and after shipping the price would be…$56.84 (I could of just got my Mum to buy it and put it in her suitcase….for only $20 baggage fee…cheaper than shipping)

I better make something f#&%ing great with that yarn…

Fortunately, this happened back in 2013 (like, 3 days ago)… and so I hope this means that this New Year will be a spectacle of good fortune and less frequent purchase poops…


luv ya’ll brigitta

PS… LOVE the yarn!!!

Check out
The Meow Collection from Ancient Arts